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Elevator Panel Alignment and COP Problem

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Sep 7, 2023

West Metro Fire

Lakewood, CO


The amazing team at West Metro Fire reached out to Summit Cabs to help clean up a cab. The installation crew didn't meet the standard of Chief at the station, so we came in as we agreed, this elevator cab interior needed some work.

First order of business was the elevator panels on the side walls were delivered, by another manufacturer, 4' too long! So, the elevator modernization crew cut this cherry laminate and stainless-steel panels down on site with a circular saw, leaving the panels at inconsistent widths with bad edges.

Damaged Panels and COP Problem

There was an imperfection on one of the Cherry laminate panels that we were requested to fix. Our specialized install team is capable of handling these kinds of imperfection on laminate on site.

The panel edges and sizes required the Summit Cabs install team to remove the side wall panels to bring back to our manufacturing shop and clean up the edges on our sliding saw.

The COP was produced with a cut out along the corner of the elevator cab interior. This was not accepted by the building management, and we swiftly took measurements of the COP surround and replaced it within two days. One day to measure then one day to install.

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