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Elevator Interior Showcase

Displayed below is a deep dive into our recent, previous projects. Out imagination can be expansive shown by our projects presented. Review some of our greatest examples of our work and come back to see this page evolve with time.

Click on each photo for more information. 

Dollywood Heartsong Resort

Pidgeon Forge, Tennessee

We were contracted to provide 6 distinct elevator interiors for Dollywood's Heartsong Resort in the beautiful valley of the Smokey Mountains in Pidgeon Forge, Tennessee. The client wanted something special to pop for the visitors, so  Summit Cabs took care of it with help from their creative design team to provide us with the images printed onto the glass. 

Sage Condos

Longboat Key, Florida

A complex design that catches the eye with its curvature and warm, homey feel as one walks in. Used by the amazing tenants at Sage Condos, a high-end condominium complex with views in every room to both sides of Longboat Key. Tambour was coated in a fire-retardant finish; the curvature is sturdy and structural. The dark grey mirror glass is finished by an aluminum frame complete with lacquer painting all of the stainless-steel features. We worked smoothly and adeptly to install in the hot and humid Florida weather.

Catalogue Background.jfif
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