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Summit Cabs has been manufacturing elevator interiors for over 20 years; including elevator ceilings, handrails and elevator panels in an easy to install kit.

For more than 20 years, our team has been committed to building the highest quality elevator interiors in the elevator industry. Our team understands that elevator interiors are not meant to be compromised; you must pay attention to all the details. The learning curve for our elevator interior kits is one of the shortest in the industry. We manufacture our elevator interiors for elevator contractors, architects, designers, property managers, and owners. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule a design consultation.


Summit Cabs manufactures elevator interiors and ships them across the country. Our elevator interiors are easy-to-install kits that include panels, ceilings, handrails, base, reveals, and top caps. Please see our gallery of the eleven (11) elevator interiors to start your next elevator interior project.

  • What makes us so quick?
    Summit Cabs is proud of our unique installation system that make the install process very easy for a worker to assemble. The walls then remain sturdy and resilient through the use of the elevator's movement. Our wall system allows for panels to replace at convince if one becomes damaged over time.
  • Do we install the interiors?
    Summit Cabs can deploy a specialized team to install our product to ensure quality and speed. For our Summit Cabs Installation Team, a single standard elevator interior is installed within a day, whereas custom elevator interior is installed within 1-2 days, depending on materials and design. We also have worked closely with union elevator teams. Our product is easy enough to install without our presence, as we provide all the necessary materials for installation.


We have been focusing on custom elevator interiors for more than 20 years, and we now have 11 designs with multiple specialty materials to use in elevator interiors. Our system is simple but does not fall short of quality is our main focus behind customer satisfaction.


We use all the most common rails systems, including flat, round straight, or bent ends. We also offer our custom series, which includes embossed metals and custom support designs. Contact us for all your handrail options, from brass to stainless, black, and much more.


Our biggest complaint over the years of doing elevator interior designs is that the ceilings are too heavy. That is why we have engineered our lightweight ceilings to help with installation, but know that they will still handle a drop test. Contact us to hear about our ceiling options.


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Trent Rinker

Trent is the seasoned veteran of the group with 28 years of experience in the cab interior business.  


Trent loves to golf and explore the Rocky Mountain Region with his family. 

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Dante Casinelli

Dante has years of experience in the industry and the Boston market. 

Dante has two grown boys, loves to play golf, travel, and umpires upper-level baseball .


“ Summit's team are very easy to work with and their pricing is very competitive for all of the customizations they offer.  I give them the lead and the scope of the project and they take care of everything. 

Kevin Kolloff  / Urban Elevator Service

“The Summit Cabs team is the best I have ever worked with.  Their manufacturing is in Colorado and they shipped the kit to Boston. It was easier and faster than any cab interior I have ever done. 

Dante C

“Quality elevators from the design phase to completion. We will definitely use Summit Cabs again!”

Colette Menolascino / Transwestern

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