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Elevator Interior 

Summit Cabs specializes in designing and manufacturing elevator cab interiors. Our shop and production capabilities allow us to work with you to create a unique elevator interior.

We offer designs from our standard collection that allows you to design the elevator interior with laminates, metals, tiles, and stone. 

We also offer our willingness to work with a designer to create a custom design, as our access to materials and manufacturing is expansive to the imagination.

We crate and ship nationwide and ship to the 48 states and have a specialized Summit install team to deploy for ease of installation.

Summit Cab's wall panel system coined "Summit Silver Slider" that allows an install team ease of installation cutting down on costs. Summit Silver Slider is exclusively our system that has been tested and tried true by many elevator mechanics such as TKE. Our engineering of the whole system is conducive to last in the mobile environment of an elevator cab, making for a study, lasting product for years to come. 

Check out our gallery below of our latest custom elevator interiors to inspire new innovation.

24 years of experienced collaborating with our client designers to meet their vision of elevating elevator interiors.

Our primary shop in Lakewood, CO is capable of producing some of the most complex elevator interiors with help from our amazing production team who strive to only have the highest quality of product. 

Also, head to our project blog page for more updates and in-depth dives into our projects!

And our project showcase page showing off our most favorite projects, check back in on us to see what new and exciting elevator interiors we design and produce.

Other Services

Functionality You Will Love


We would not want you to go off unprotected. Move-ins and outs are notorious for causing damage in elevator cab interior. 

Luckily, Summit Cabs can supply you with elevator pads with a variety of colors and materials. Each pad is made to fit the panels with the option of covering COP panel too.


Check out Elevator Interior Damages blog post on why is important to have elevator pads during move ins especially 


Install Support

Our customers deserve the highest level of support, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards. Our specialized install team is proficient in installing our elevator cab interior ensuring the elevator interior final product is complete in a timely manner.

Our friendly team is easy to work with and schedule time for them to rock and roll as preparation makes perfect in these elevator cab projects.


Our hopes are to satisfy clients and keep long term relationships, we offer our production capabilities to repair existing elevator cab interiors. If a wall panel in damaged by everyday use we source materials to match and replace in a timely manner. Hop over to our repair page to check out some of the repairs we have done in the past. We are happy to help out however we can! Contact us to get started with your elevator cab needs. 

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